World's Most Efficient and Reliable Machinery!

Pressure Vessel & Tower Fabrication Lines

After 25 years importing equipment for market leaders, both small and large, we continue to ask

"are you as good as the best in the world?"

By taking "the world is flat" approach in our research of global manufacturing technologies, processes and safety, 

our machines, lines and complete turnkey facilities provide our clients with:

Improved Core Competencies


Value Stream Flow Optimization with Minimal Steps and Maximum Safety Considerations


Lowest Cost Per Unit


Increased Profits

Quickest Return on Investment

Beveling  Seam Welding, Planishing & Grinding  Head Pressing & Flanging  Plate Rolling (Horizontal & Vertical)
Shell Assembly (Horizontal & Vertical)  Abrasive Backgouging & Seam Grinding 
Vessel Shell, Cone & Head Grinding  Weld Cladding & Grinding • Heat Panel Welding • Water Jet Cutting