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Deuma, Haeusler
Vessel Assembly
Deuma, Farros
Back Gouging Groove
Boldrini, Haeusler, Davi, Faccin, Graebener, Schaeffer, Bertsch, Sertom, Parmigiani
Rolling 6" Plate

Heavy Wall Vessel Fab Equipment

Our lines and equipment are used to fabricate Heavy Wall Vessels for these industries:



Power Generation



Plate Rolling (up to 18" hot with short flats)

Vessel Assembly

Back Gouging, Welding & Weld Seam Grinding (up to 65 lbs per hour)

Clad Welding & Grinding

Half Pipe Welding 

Seam Welding

Cone & Plate Rolls 

Vertical Plate Bending Lines 

LPG, LNG Tank Lines 

Serrating, Expansion, Facing, Welding 

Water Jet Cutting

Mechanical Beveling 

Real Time X-Ray

Deuma, Farros
Back Gouging Tulip Groove
Deuma, Tiesse Robot
Segmented Head Welding
Mecannica Ronzani, Farros
ID Shell Grinding
Deuma, Farros
Back Gouging Groove
Deuma, ESAB
Strip Cladding and Positioner